I made an internship at Domino Studios from february to september 2012, for my Bachelor of Arts diploma in Real-Time 3D Computer Graphics at ESCIN. It was my second intership at Domino Studios, as I made a first time in June and July 2010. I worked on the last two months as freelance.

During this internship, I worked on one project : Destination Brocéliande. Due to my previous experience in the studio, I was in charge of the two other trainees (specialized in 3D and programming) to lead them for the artistic direction.

Destination Brocéliande

Destination Brocéliande is downloadable on Itunes (in french).

Destination Brocéliande is a tablet application of virtual tours to discover 6 mythical sites of Broceliande (Brittany, France) in differents times :
• The megalith site of Monteneuf, in the Neolithic.
• The castle of Comper, in the 15th century.
• The city of Josselin, in the 16th century.
• The priory of the Madeleine in Malestroit, in the 14th century.
• The feudal motte of Mohon, in the 12th century.
• The city of Ploërmel, in the 13th century.



• Concept art for the city gate and the castle of Josselin
• Concept art for the houses, for the cities of Josselin and Ploërmel

• Concept art for the environment inside the city of Josselin
• Concept art for several buildings inside the city of Ploërmel
• 3D models