Megalo Polis is a real-time strategy game, on which I worked during my internship at BlackSheep Studio.
The game is available on Steam since February 2016.

The game

Megalo Polis takes place in the 2016 US presidential elections. With a strong satirical approach and a caricatural artistic direction, the game allows the player to incarn the candidat of his choice ! The player have one mission : to become the next president of the United States ! He will have to beat the other candidates, to convince all the citizens and to conquer the States one by one.

My role

As a 2D/3D artist, I modelised and textured props, buildings and vegetation for the environment. My other tasks includes illustrations, concepts art (districts, building, props) and level art.

• 3D & texturing
• 2D

Concept for the background