The game

Nänn’s Tales is a game made for the 2014 ImagineCup contest. We were one of the six finalists for the French final.
Nann’s Tales is a kind of evolution of story telling for children. It’s a game that kids can share with their parents. It proposes to both a complementary experience : The parents could be the narrators of the story if their children don’t read. Also, they can help them for the games if necessary. Children can play a lot of mini-games, and in the same time discover the Norse mythology.
The game is targeting a young audience from 3 to 6 years old.

My role

• Concept Art

On the project, I was in charge of the 2D environment. Also, I made some researches for the characters and the monsters.

• Environment

For the environment, I used simple and geometrical shapes, with strong colors, in reference of illustrated children’s books.

The team


  We were the team « Barbarian Cookie » :

  • Nathan DESMARCHELIER : Project manager and Game designer

  • Julie ANSELM : Programmer and Game designer

  • Adrien WATTIER : Game artist (Character design and 2D Animator)

  • Marine MAUDUIT : Game artist (UI & Environment design)