The project

P.H.A.R. Project is the final year project of my Bachelor of Arts in Real-Time 3D Computer Graphics, at ESCIN (Laval, France) I made with 3 other students.

P.H.A.R. Project is a tablet application about the landing on the « Pointe du Hoc » (Normandy, France) of June 6, 1944. With this application, you can see an interactive model of Pointe du Hoc : you do not longer need to be on the site to immerse yourself in the heart of the landing and you can live the events of the D-Day as if you were there.

My role

During the project I was 2D/3D artist. I was in charge of the storyboard and made some concept art. I also made some 3D models.


The team

• Julien Noé : Project manager and programmer
• Guillaume Malherbe : 3D artist
• Jean-Baptiste Bledowski : 3D artist
Marine Mauduit : 2D and 3D artist